Episode 4: Navigating the Holidays for Adoptive Families

Blondene’s Kinship Adoption Journey – Stories of the Constellation

Welcome to another episode in our very special National Adoption Awareness Month series, Stories of the Constellation. This week we feature a story about kinship adoption, which refers to a formal legal adoption process of a child by their relative or kin, such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle. What many may not know about kinship adoption is that the process is the same as a non-kin adoption, which can come as a surprise and a challenge for many families, especially in cases where the adoption is international and is prompted by the death of a child’s main caregiver, creating real urgency in moving the adoption along. This was the case for Blondene, who shares her story on today’s episode. 


If you or someone you know needs support in a kinship adoption, our team of adoption experts is here to support you. We can provide guidance and resources to get you started, conduct your home study, and provide counseling and other support to ensure a smooth transition for your family. To learn more, contact us at info at www.spence-chapin.org or call 212-369-0300.


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