Episode 4: Navigating the Holidays for Adoptive Families

Melissa’s Adoptee Perspective – Stories of the Constellation

Welcome to our final installment of our special series for National Adoption Awareness Month. While the month of November is coming to a close, there are so many more voices connected to adoption that we want to share, so look for more Stories of the Constellation episodes in the coming months! This week we feature a story from a late-discovery adoptee, which means that the adoptee learned that they were adopted later in their life. Melissa Guida-Richards, an author, transracial adoptee, and advocate, shares her experience and her motivation for writing her latest book, What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption, and its forthcoming workbook component.  Listen as she shares her journey with Spence-Chapin Community Programming Manager, Jessica Luciere.

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