Episode 4: Navigating the Holidays for Adoptive Families

The Granny Program: Spence-Chapin CEO & Team Reflect on Trip to South Africa

On today’s episode, we look back to a trip to South Africa in 2019 that launched the Granny Program expansion. CEO Kate Trambitskaya, CPO Linda Alexandre, and Senior Director of Legal & Compliance, Chelsea Guffy, traveled to meet with our partners at four orphanages in Johannesburg. They chronicled the challenges that the children were facing, which they observed first-hand, and the benefits they knew the Granny Program expansion would bring to them. Back in 2019, 30 children were being served by the Granny Program. Today, more than 160 children are served every day. As the Spence-Chapin team once again prepares to travel to South Africa to expand the program once again, we bring you this great discussion on the impact of the Granny Program in the lives of children.

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