Push to Unseal Adoption Records in New York State

The “Unsealed Initiative” is a movement to change New York State Adoption Law. Dedicated to fighting for open records, this legislative reform organization is working directly with legislators and lobbying for the passage of the “Bill of Adoptee Rights.” On Tuesday, February 15, they, alongside Assemblyman David Weprin (D-24th A.D.), will host a press conference in Albany concerning his “Bill of Adoptee Rights” (A.2003).
“The passage of the ‘Bill of Adoptee Rights’ will provide adult adoptees with access to information that a non-adopted person has a legal right to obtain,” said Assemblyman Weprin.

In New York, an adoptee cannot access his or her original birth certificate unless he/she goes through judicial means. And even then, the outcome does not guarantee that access will be granted. This bill will allow adult adoptees to request and receive a non-certified copy of an original birth certificate and/or a medical history form if available.

For more information, you may visit the Unsealed Initiative’s website: www.unsealedinitiative.org/html/bill_summary.html. The press conference will be held in the New York State Legislative Office Building-LCA Rm. 130 at Noon. Please contact Jake Freedman at 518-455-5806 or Maryann Maltese at 718-428-7900 to RSVP.

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