Coaching is short-term, solution-focused support that concentrates on a specific issue. Our consultations provide a space where you can ask questions and get guidance on a particular issue you are experiencing from one of our adoption competent coaches. Coaching can be a helpful option for issues such as talking about adoption with your child or family, navigating adolescent development, or building a relationship with a birth parent, birth child, or adoptive parent. Spence-Chapin coaching is there for you when you are seeking education, information, and a place to gather your thoughts and develop an action plan. We can also partner with you in talking to your child’s school about adoption issues.

Types of coaching


Our coaches support parents as they problem solve to find solutions for some of the challenges bubbling up in their families. Any parent who has ever wondered how to share their family’s adoption story with their child, how to talk about identity, race or how to talk about any of the the difficult aspects of adoption can benefit from a coaching session. As children grow up, they naturally begin thinking about who they are and their adoption story, which leads to asking questions. Our coaching sessions can reduce your anxieties about your child’s adoption story and help you organically integrate discussion about adoption into your family life.

  • Get tips for school issues/play dates
  • Anticipate issues related to race if you’re a transracial family
  • Get support to share more difficult information
  • Is it adoption or teenager issues?
Talking About Adoption At Different Ages

Listen to this podcast of Mark Lacava, LCSW-R, Executive Vice President of Spence-Chapin’s Pre & Post Adoption Services Department discuss common questions children ask at different developmental stages and how to answer them.


Communication is an integral part of navigating openness in relationships between birth parents, adoptive parents and children. Do you need support managing the openness as your child asks more questions about their adoption? Do you need ideas to increase communication or set boundaries? Our experienced coaches can help you best navigate the openness in all the relationships throughout your family’s different development stages.

  • Manage loss and separation issues at different stages after placement
  • Understand how to talk about placement with family, friends and strangers
  • Navigate relationships with birth family, adoptive parents and child at different ages
  • Get support for birthland trips / international search


Preparing to travel? We’re here for you. A birthland trip is a trip made to an adoptee’s country of birth and can be made at any time in an adoptee’s life. These trips serve to connect an adoptee to his/her birth culture, and in so doing, engage more deeply with a part of his/her identity and past. Spence-Chapin will help you and your family prepare for a birthland trip.

Birthland Trip Resources 

View our list of birthland tours offered by other agencies and organizations.

Please note: Spence-Chapin does not endorse or recommend any birthland tours not affiliated with Spence-Chapin. For more information about the birthland tours listed, please contact that agency or organization.

Your Coach will offer practical tips and resources so you can make immediate changes. Each coach brings decades of experience working with adoptive families and helping kids & their parents succeed.

Coaching is offered to clients living in all 50 states 

Coaching sessions* can take place by phone, video or in person.

60-minute session: $100

*Coaching sessions are not insurance reimbursable

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