International Adoption Story: Making the Decision to Adopt Again

Kurhula Ted 2019

Older Child Adoption Resources

5 Simple Ways to Show Grandparents You Care

Fall 2017 Colombia Host to Adopt Program

Host to Adopt blogpost

Korean Language Immersion Program

Reasons Roma Children Need Loving Families


Visiting our Partners in South Africa


FAQ for our New Parenthood Series: LGBTQ+ Parents Group

LGBTQ+ Parents

Highlighting the True Spirit of Collaboration: Our recent visitors from South Africa & Colombia


How We Advocate for Children Through Our Waiting Child Program 

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Pride 2022 Children’s Book List

Rocky Road to Reunion: Part 3

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Rocky Road to Reunion: Part 2

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Rocky Road to Reunion: Part 1

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Letter to Therapy Client: Starting Your Therapy at Spence-Chapin


Birth Parent Support: The Spence-Chapin Way

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