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A podcast about all things adoption
Adoption Talk

Welcome to Adoption Talk, the podcast about all things adoption brought to you by Spence-Chapin. 

There are many voices that make up the adoption constellation. This podcast aims to hear from all of them because each voice brings an important perspective and story about adoption. 

Twice a month, this podcast brings you conversations with adoptees, birth parents, adoptive families, adoption professionals and health and social service experts as they share their experiences and discuss all things adoption . Let’s get started.



Episode 26: Stories of Adoption: Young Adults and Friends, Kate & E, Discuss Transracial Adoptee Experiences

Spence-Chapin intern Kate Lodge and long-time friend, E, both adopted from China into transracial families, discuss memories of their first years of life in China …

NAAM social media 8

Melissa’s Adoptee Perspective – Stories of the Constellation

Welcome to our final installment of our special series for National Adoption Awareness Month. While the month of November is coming to a close, there are …


Danielle and Madison’s Sibling Perspectives: Stories of the Constellation

Welcome to another episode in our very special National Adoption Awareness Month series, Stories of the Constellation. While traditionally we may think about the adoption community …


We have a rotating cast of hosts because each has a different area of expertise. To make sure our audience has the most up-to-date knowledge, each host has a strong foundation of professional experience in order to investigate the complexities surrounding adoption.


Antoinette Cockerham, Former Chief Operating Officer 

Over an illustrious 30-year career at Spence-Chapin, Toni connected hundreds of children in need of permanent homes to their forever families; she was essential in broadening the scope of minority adoptions in the tri-state area; she developed strategic initiatives that strengthened Spence-Chapin adoption programs and services to children, women, and families; and she has been an inspiration and friend to everyone that she has worked with. She was the ideal individual to host the first season of the podcast. 

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Monica Baker, Director, Domestic and Special Needs Adoption

Since 2008, Monica Baker has been dedicated to working with birth and adoptive families before, during and after their adoption process at Spence-Chapin. Now the Director of Domestic and Special Needs Adoption, Monica oversees a professional team who provides sensitive and unbiased support to women in crisis who are exploring permanency options for their newborns while providing education, guidance and support to adoptive parents as they navigate this path to parenthood. 

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Jessica Luciere, Manager, Community Engagement 

Jessica is a Colombian transracial Adoptee and Adoptee Advocate. She was a founding Mentor of our NYC Teen Mentorship program and now oversees all Community Programming for Spence-Chapin. Jessica’s passion for connecting with Adoptees and their families has always been the driving force in her work and is the reason she continues to create spaces for Adoptee voices.

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