Comprehensive Health Evaluation of the Newly Adopted Child

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)  recently published new guidelines on adoptee evaluation and treatment. We’ve included the abstract of the guidelines below and you can find the entire document on the AAP website.

Abstract: “Children who join families through the process of adoption often have multiple health care needs. After placement in an adoptive home, it is essential that these children have a timely comprehensive health evaluation. This evaluation should include a review of all available medical records and a complete physical examination. Evaluation should also include diagnostic testing based on the findings from the history and physical examination as well as the risks presented by the child’s previous living conditions. Age-appropriate screens should be performed, including, for example, newborn screening panels, hearing, vision, dental, and formal behavioral/developmental screens. The comprehensive assessment can occur at the time of the initial visit to the physician after adoptive placement or can take place over several visits. Adopted children should be referred to other medical specialists as deemed appropriate.

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