Joie Visits Spence-Chapin and Meets Her Adoption Social Worker


I remember going up the elevator and being really excited. When I came into the front area, I saw a wall of pictures and asked, “Where am I?” I felt really comfortable as soon as I came in and met everyone.

 Joie (center) and her Mom Billie (right) with Linda Alexandre (left).

We waited a while and then I met Linda and she told everyone that I was the baby in the picture in her office. Then she took me in there and showed me and that made me feel really happy.

I went into another office to get some candy and met Jeorjie who plans events. What was really funny about this is not only did she have candy, but she had known my mom for years!

When my mom handed me our family book I said, “That’s the book you have been telling me all about?” When I opened it, my whole family was in it!

I also met one of my closest friends when I was a baby at Spence. His name is Hendrix and we are still great friends today.

I felt very comfortable as if I was with family. I know that I have a place to go if I have any questions. My mom loves working with them to keep us all together.

Even writing this note, I went through my book with my mom and I am really happy.


Joie – Age 9

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