Support for Adoptees


Spence-Chapin offers various programs, events and services that support adoptees to build community, navigate adoption-related issues such as identity and get resources to thrive in their lives.

Adoptive Family Playgroups

Our playgroups are a great opportunity for children to make friends and connect with other adoptees.  Kids play under the watchful eyes of our volunteers, who are also adoptees. Social workers are also on hand to provide parenting tips and helpful resources such as books and articles.  Bagels & Blox is our playgroup for children between 0 to 6 years old.  Play Café is for children 6 to 8 years old.

Visit our events page for the date of the next Bagels & Blox and Play Café Playgroups.

Adoption Mentorship Program

Our one-of-a kind program allows adopted middle or high school students to join an inclusive adoption community.  Mentors and Mentees meet monthly for fun, social gatherings that allow them to make new friends, build self-confidence and connect with others who can relate to them. Adopted adults can also serve as a role model to a young person. Visit our Mentorship page to learn more about the Adoption Mentorship Program.


Our therapists specialize in adoption and identity related issues and can offer support regarding attachment, grief and more. Visit our counseling page to learn more about adoption-related support.

Lifebook Workshop

Making a new Lifebook or adding pages to an existing one is a fun and creative way for adopted youth to process their unique adoption story and learn to share it with others.   Through words and pictures, your child will explore who they are and where they come from. Visit our events page for the date of the next workshop.

Mask-Making Workshop

As children learn to manage the different levels of identity at once: adoptee identity, identity related to sex and gender, or physical appearance, mask-making can be a tool to facilitate conversation without the intensity of a face-to-face discussion.  Participants will decorate their masks to reflect their inner and outer self. This can be done through writing words, collaging magazines, drawing pictures, or even using color to represent themselves. Visit our events page for the date of the next workshop.

Personal Adoption History and Resources

We offer support, resources, and a community for everyone thinking about search and reunion. Visit our page here to learn more about the post-adoption services that we offer.

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