News You Can Use: Legislation Impacting Adoption

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There is new legislation that impacts adoption, including allowing penalty-free retirement account withdrawals for adoption; there is also a new provision granting paid family leave for federal workers after an adoption.

The recent spending bill, the Appropriations Act, provides for some adoption-related matters: 

  • Provision that funding for embryo adoption activities can go toward medical and administrative services for such adoptions.  See page 103.
  • Adoption reimbursement to a covered veteran under Dept. of Veteran Affairs’ “Medical Services”.  See page 658.
  • Penalty-free withdrawals from retirement plans for individuals in case of birth or adoption. See page 1578 and following.

Additionally, the recent National Defense Authorization Act for 2020:

  • Allows military families to take leave for a birth or adoption in more than one increment (see Sec. 571)
  • Allows federal employees to have 12 weeks of paid family leave for birth, adoption, or foster care placement after October 1, 2020 (see Sec. 1123)

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