Spence-Chapin Family Gets Creative for Children and Families

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Michael and Ronie Pastko have been a part of the Spence-Chapin family since their first inquiry into adoption in 2015. After becoming parents through adoption, they remain advocates of all things SC. Both have used their own skills and strengths to creatively support the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic. After attending our virtual event, “25 Years of Love,” Ronie was inspired to push herself hard for a cause, raising money for the Special Needs Adoption Program through the 4x4x48 running challenge that asked her to run four hours every four hours for forty-eight hours Spence-Chapin helped set up a fundraising page for Ronie, and through the generosity of her friends and family, she raised more than $1,000 for children and completed the challenge!

Simultaneously, Michael wanted to support Spence-Chapin and other parents like himself during the confusion of the COVID-19 crisis. He struggled to figure out how to explain to his child why they couldn’t play outside, and decided to write a book in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. His storybook, “A Summer of No Outside,” helps families talk about the changes to everyday life due to the pandemic. This book helps explain to children that they might not be able to go outside and play, and everyone is keeping more distance than before. It is also for parents to understand that they are not alone, and hopefully, help them communicate and grow with their children at the same time. Michael has generously donated some of the proceeds to support Spence-Chapin at-risk families and children waiting for adoption.

The initiative taken by this family is truly inspiring for those who want to make a difference in their communities. We are honored that they are a part of ours. If this resonates with you and you’re looking for a way to give back, please contact our Director of Development, Christine Pohl, to get started! 

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