Virtual Play Café During COVID-19

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Feedback from parents on the first virtual Play Café

“Lila ran into the living room afterwards bubbling with excitement saying she absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for making it happen!” -Sheri & Lila

“…The subtleties in getting the kids to open and the joy that she has talking to them is truly inspiring. Thank you, a million times, for this. Stay safe & well!!” – Deb & Olivia

By Krystal Diaz

During these challenging times, it was truly special to be able to hold a virtual Play Café for our families.  It was such a pleasure to see everyone! Children and their parents joined us from all over the city and even some internationally. The children were delighted to be able to share with each other their favorite toys and board games. Many of the children wore their favorite school outfits which opened up a great discussion about missing school and friends.

The prominent theme of the virtual playgroup was transition. Having the space to talk about the challenges this new moment in their lives presented with other children was clearly helpful for the participants. The children took turns sharing what is good about staying home, what is tough about it and why it’s important that we stay home at this time. While some children shared their disappointment around birthdays and parties being cancelled, we were able to talk about what it means to cherish those moments more once they happen.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in May for the next Play Café!  We also have virtual Bagels & Blox events in May as well. 

Spence-Chapin offers community programs for all ages such as Bagels & Blox, Play Café and a Mentorship Program for Teens.  To support parents, we also offer coaching and counseling sessions by phone or video conference during this time. Contact us at (646) 539-2167 or to learn more. 

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