Created by and for Adoptees.
Welcome to Lifebook, a transformative experience for adoptees of all ages at Spence-Chapin. For both children ages 7-17 and adults 18+, Lifebook offers a creative journey of self-discovery and identity exploration. Join us for a day of creativity, connection, and celebration of the adoptee experience. 

Lifebook for Children

Lifebook is open to adoptees 7-17 who are joined by their parents/guardians at the Spence-Chapin offices. Kids create their “Lifebook” which tells the story of them! Using art materials, photographs, letters and other memorabilia, kids create a physical book that represents themselves, the important people, places, and things in their life in their own words. With help from parents, kids may include how they joined their family, photos and letters from birth family, things about their birth culture/place, their hobbies, favorite foods, music, activities, just to name a few.

Hosted by Spence-Chapin staff and fellow adoptees, Lifebook is a great event where kids get to meet peers, share their stories and have a fun creative afternoon!

Adult Lifebook (18+)

Adopted People 18+ are invited to participate in an afternoon of creativity, introspection, and structured exploration of their identity and life experiences. In this adoptee-made and led community-building event, participants will have the chance to create a book that tells their story as it pertains to their lived experiences as adopted people alongside peers. Upcoming dates will be added. 

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