Waiting Children

Every child deserves a family.

In the United States and around the world there are infants and children waiting for the love and stability of an adoptive family. The children listed here are in immediate need of an adoptive family. To receive updates on waiting children, please subscribe to our newsletter. Learn more about how Spence-Chapin advocates for children in our Waiting Child Program. 

Domestic Special Needs Waiting Children

Spence-Chapin is currently accepting applications from families who are open to adopting a child with significant medical needs. View our Special Needs Adoption page to learn more about the Special Needs Adoption Program, which waives all professional views for adoptive families. In order to be considered, complete our free pre-application and send us a copy of your current homestudy (completed within the last 12 months) conducted by a licensed adoption organization.

Read our Domestic Special Needs FAQ on the blog

International WAiting Children

We regularly receive information from our international partners about children who are in need of immediate adoption. We are able to share the profiles of children who are considered to be the most in need and are waiting internationally to be matched with an adoptive family. Children who are considered ‘waiting children’ generally have multi-faceted characteristics and needs which exceed the common characteristics and needs of children otherwise placed in one of our international programs. The children featured on this page have been waiting the longest to find families and consist of children who are older, part of a sibling group, or children with a diagnosed medical condition. If you receive and accept a referral of an international waiting child through Spence-Chapin, you will be eligible to apply for the BriDen Adoption Fund which is made possible by a Spence-Chapin family. To learn more about this and other financial resources that may be available, please speak to a member of our team. Visit our International Adoption page to learn more about our international programs.

Every Child Deserves A Family.

Waiting Children are not the only children placed in our International Programs. Contact us to learn more about our referral programs from South Africa and Colombia.

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Spence-Chapin takes the privacy rights of the children whom we are seeking to place very seriously. We don’t publicly use a child’s photo unless we have permission from their guardian. We are happy to share photos and videos of these children to families who email us about international adoption. These images may not be released, copied or distributed in any form. Impermissible disclosure of the images may result in legal action.