The guidance you need, every step of the way.

From the moment you consider adoption as an option for your family, Spence-Chapin is there to provide you with support. Through webinars, coaching, counseling, and community programming, you can know that our team of dedicated professionals is there to help you throughout your adoption journey.

Coaching & Counseling

Our coaching and counseling services can help you work through any issues that may be coming up for you as you begin to think about adoption as an option. Individual, couples, and family sessions are available to help you work through your concerns in a safe and supportive space.  

Home Study Services

The first step in starting the adoption process is to complete a home study. Spence-Chapin provides this service to any family pursuing a Domestic or International adoption that resides within 100 miles of New York City in New York or New Jersey and to families adopting through our domestic and international adoption programs. 

& Events

Throughout the year, Spence-Chapin offers many opportunities to learn more about adoption through our webinars and trainings, and to connect with other families that are going through or have completed their adoption process.