Therapy and Consultations

We’re here to help when things get difficult. 

Do you or a loved one need support to address what is troubling you? We provide a warm and trusting space to work on those challenges. We specialize in addressing issues related to adoption, attachment, grief & loss and relationship conflict in children and adults.

We understand the importance connection and safety have on healing.

Spence-Chapin offers virtual and in-person therapy to residents of New York and New Jersey, where we will aim to create a non-judgmental space for individuals, couples, children, and families to feel heard and supported. 

What are Consultations?

Consultations are short-term and flexible support. They can offer you guidance and individual support when facing a particular challenge such as navigating open adoption, search and reunion, and more. Any issues or experience in adoption can be explored in a consultation. Consultations are available for prospective adoptive parents just starting their adoption journey or for adoptive parents, adult adoptees, and birth parents that would like to explore a specific topic. We provide a safe space for you to talk to a professional in the adoption field who can help guide you to the answers you are looking to resolve.

What is Therapy?

If you feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed by your current situation? Are you having challenges with relationships or want to improve your family’s interactions? Therapy can help you. At Spence-Chapin, we provide a non-judgmental space for individuals, couples, children, and families to feel heard and supported. We tailor our approach to meet your needs, providing a blend of behavioral and relational therapy to best support you and affect positive change.

What to Expect?

Seeking out therapy is not always easy. The search for finding a therapist can be hard. Putting aside the time and financial resources for therapy can also be a challenge. At Spence-Chapin, our therapists know that many people may have reason, both from the outside world and from inside themselves, that make them hesitant to take that first step to meet with a therapist. That’s why we have put together a Welcome Letter for our clients to provide them with an idea of what to expect when starting therapy for the first time or returning after a break. We want all of our clients to know that awaits you in therapy is the space to seek out understanding and healing, at a pace that feels right, and with a competent counselor to guide you through.


Get to know our team of professionals.  Each of our caring therapists brings years of experience and expertise, and can provide you or your family with the support you need.

Gladys Ramos 1 8x10 low

Gladys Ramos | LMSW

Gladys has worked with adolescents, adults and families.  Her areas of expertise include complex trauma, ADHD, depression and anxiety related disorders.  As a change agent, Gladys understands the complexities of family dynamics and provides a warm, empathetic space for clients to explore new narratives for their lives that lead to positive outcomes. 


Amy Silverman | LMSW

Amy has been a social worker for 30 years, including 13 years at Spence-Chapin, working with birth parents and boarding families. She brings a strengths-based perspective to her work with clients addressing a variety of concerns including trauma, grief and loss, and parenting.  

Christine Tangel web

Christine Tangel | LCSW

Christine has more than 10 years of experience as a therapist, coach and trainer. She specializes in providing emotional and educational support to all members of the adoption community. She incorporates attachment and trauma-informed approaches with her clients.



Therapy in the news

Our very own Christine Tangel, Director, Pre & Post Adoption Services, has been featured in a recent Huffington Post Article “Adopted And Donor-Conceived Kids Deserve The Truth. They Don’t Always Get It.” Christine discusses the importance of openness on the topic of adoption.

HRC Seal 2021

Human Rights Campaign's All Children - All Families Innovator Seal of Recognition

We have received the Human Rights Campaign’s All Children – All Families Innovator Seal of Recognition for our competency working with LGBTQ+ adults and children.


We are here to help you and offer affordable professional services. We are on the following insurance panels: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna and assist with out-of-network reimbursements.* We offer limited financial aid.

  • *Our ability to schedule you with a therapist on a certain panel is based on their individual availability; insurance billing is available for therapy services and is not available for consultations which are not considered a clinical service.


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