Voices of adoption

Created by and for Adoptees.

Voices of Adoption (VOA), founded in 2019, is an adoptee-led community based space where adoptees 18+ from all over the world meet for an evening of conversation and connection. In the fall of 2022, we are excited to announce the launch of Teen Voices of Adoption, a virtual space for adoptees 13-17 years old. Both Voices of Adoption are free for all participants to join, although registration is required. To learn more, see below!

Voices of Adoption (18+)

Voices of Adoption is a space created by adoptees for adoptees! Adoptees 18+, born internationally and domestically are invited to share in this open space to meet, connect and create community via discussion. Hosted by Jessica M. Luciere, a transracial adoptee and Adoptee Advocate.

Learn more about Voices of Adoption through our FAQ!

Teen Voices of Adoption

Teen Voices of Adoption (VOA) is a virtual event held for adoptees ages 13- 17 that meets throughout the year. In this virtual space, adoptees from all around the world are invited to join in an evening of conversation, where they can share their stories and hear from peers. Teen VOA is hosted by Rebecca Fiore, a Paraguayan adoptee and facilitator of the Jr. Mentorship Program at Spence-Chapin.

Teen Voices of Adoption is a community-based group and does not offer clinical support. If you or your family are in need of additional support please visit Post-Adoption Counseling | Spence-Chapin to see if our counseling services are right for you.

Registration by a parent or guardian is required for teens to join TVOA.

Learn more about Teen Voices of Adoption through our FAQ!

Program Facilitator

Jessica is a transracial adoptee born in Bogota, Colombia who grew up in Long Island, New York. She is an Adoptee Advocate, working to create supportive spaces for adoptees and their families. Jessica was one of the founding mentors in the NYC Teen Mentorship program which began in 2006, and now is the Manager of Community Engagements at Spence-Chapin, overseeing all community programming. Jessica’s passion for connecting with adoptees and their families has always been the driving force in her work and is the reason she continues to create spaces for adoptee stories and voices.

Program Facilitator

Rebecca Fiore is a transracial adoptee born in Curuguaty, Paraguay who grew up in northern New Jersey. She is a therapist specializing in working with children and families as well as the LGBTQIA+ community. Rebecca has been a mentor for 5 years and last year joined as the Jr. Mentorship program facilitator. She enjoys being with her ever-expanding adoptee community as well as helping to educate all on adoption matters.

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